18NewEngland – …I’m not looking for a new England

7th November 2019 Off By Craig Taylor
More whimsical art. Since we ALL love whimsy. Whimsy for EVERYONE!

Craig was Banksying on the Russet tiles becoming available… Sorry.

In a country ridden by unrelenting political chaos, Dave and Craig attempt to escape to Scott Petersen’s England. A brave ‘New’ England…

Featuring special guest Jake Klopfenstein of the Gaming Moguls as a guest third wheel. More wheels is better, right?



 00:00 – Intro & show update
02:42 – Introducing Jake Klofpenstein
05:00 – Games last week, including 1828 and StationedOut
07:17 – 18NewEngland
71:42 – Contacting ‘The Train Rush’

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