Never Gonna Give You Up – AesthetiXX in 18XX

31st July 2020 Off By Craig Taylor

Those tracks are together forever and never to part.

Awakening from hibernation, with the physique of a slumbering Kraken and the intellect of a dozing minnow, Craig surfaces some loosely organised thoughts about art in 18xx.

Featuring a special guest host sporting a face-mask made for radio, ‘Locomotive’ Joe Reese. Joe can spell the word ‘hexagon’, so he knows his onions or more specifically, his polygons.

 00:00 – Show Intro
01:13 – Introducing Joe Reese (‘express’ version!)
01:43 – Art in 18xx (ramble, ramble, ramble)
71:29 – Contacting ‘The Train Rush’

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