Frontier Psychiatrist – Colorado Midland

17th April 2022 Off By Craig Taylor
A movie poster. Golden Geek 2021, here we come.

I wish I knew how to quit choo

Two hard men forge a path together in the Colorado Rockies to leave a life they can’t remember whilst playing a game they can’t forget.

0:00:00 – Intro, or Welcome to the ‘Regular Weekly Podcast’
0:04:06 – Game Overview, or How our Hosts Met Colorado Midland
0:08:54 – Design Distance, or Does Familiarity Breed Contempt? (Probably Not)
0:17:54 – Game History, or A Brief Genealogy of Colorado Midland
0:22:22 – Anxiety of Influence, or The Other Bloom’s Taxonomy
0:34:30 – Rules of Play, or How to Claim Your Mines
0:48:00 – Analysis, or From Whence Do We Like Our Asymmetry?
1:01:51 – Game Balance, or Should Play Be Fair?
1:10:54 – House Rules, or How to Win Friends & Influence People
1:24:19 – The American Psyche, or Freud and Trains (Entering Tunnels?)
1:36:50 – A Lesser-Spotted Positive Review
1:58:11 – The End, or How Games Are Scored
02:03:40 – Holy Resurrection Ova, or Stuff and Nonsense

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