Station to Station – We Are Hungry Men

10th May 2023 Off By Craig Taylor
A composite persona for a composite episode.

I’m happy, hope you’re happy too

Following the most mundane of years, Craig and Joe sally forth from the Train Shed, seeking a new purpose in the harsh terrain of the Harz mountains…


A year’s worth of episodes in ONE EPISODE, (hence it’s in three parts). Lubricate your ear holes and buckle up for the BIGGEST train game podcast experience of the year (if measured by compound file size). It’s highly recommended you don’t attempt to ingest this in one sitting, hence the detailed show notes! Stereo version hosted exclusively on the website, if you want to appreciate the full soundscape Joe has lovingly put together.


Ne laudet dignos, laudat Callistratus omnes.
Cui malus est nemo, quis bonus esse potest?

MARTIAL. [Epigrams XII. 80]

Omnia, Craig, emis. Sic fiet ut omnia uendas.
MARTIAL. [Epigrams VII. 98]

Part A.

(00:00) – Prologue

(03:37) – CHAPTER I. THE HERMIT REVERSED. Which treats of the character and pursuits of the gentlemen of the Train Shed.

~~ A search for purpose (5:02) ~~ The pursuit of happiness (13:15) ~~ Our hosts sally forth (19:17) ~~

(22:34) – CHAPTER II. THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Wherein is related the moderate highs and disappointing lows Craig and Joe encountered in the West.

~~ Westward Rails (23:20) ~~

(40:53) – CHAPTER III. THE FOOL. Of what occurred to our adventurers when they reached the inn.

~~ Thoughts on thinking about games (41:11) ~~ The Jekyll and Hyde (45:09) ~~ Hype and The Hobby (47:53) ~~ Enthusiasm (59:41)

Part B.

(0:00) CHAPTER IV. THE PRIESTESS REVERSED. Which treats of what befell Craig and Joe in the Dales and on the swale.

~~ Last Train to Wensleydale (3:14) ~~ Podcasts and fan cultures (16:50) ~~ The siren call of consumption (23:57) ~~

(32:21) CHAPTER V. THE STAR. In which our heroes run from the monstrous and contemplate that toward which they desire to run.

~~ Poseidon (37:07) ~~ Chasing experiences (feat. Greentown) (47:48) ~~

Part C.

(0:00) CHAPTER V. THE STAR. (continued)

~~ Missing the zeitgeist (03:49) ~~

(20:05) CHAPTER VI. JUDGEMENT. Of what befell the adventurers in the bowels of the Harz Mountains, together with Joe’s revelation and Craig’s epiphany.

~~ 1000 Islands Railway (25:24) ~~ Unhealthy obsessions and behaviours, and those who enable them (39:26) ~~ What does the future hold? (55:46) ~~

 Direct Download – Part A 

 Direct Download – Part B 

 Direct Download – Part C 

 Direct Download – Stereo Single File Version 

 Show-notes as PDF, including stereo file timings 

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