18xx Teaching Notes – A Pullman for Teacher

28th September 2018 Off By Craig Taylor


1836jr, 1846 and a microphone walk into a bar...

Learning the way of the hexagon

With Craig’s handler away in sunnier climes, the roguish devil opines endlessly on the subject of teaching 18xx, under the supervision of guest host, Jon Cant.

The presenters discuss their observations on what makes teaching 18xx challenging, approaches that they’ve observed work and of course, those that don’t.

1836jr and 1846 are discussed as case studies, highlighting attributes which make them interesting candidates for teaching titles.

This is an EXTREMELY long episode, running to nearly two hours. We’ll forgive you if you chose not to suffer for that long.



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Board Game Geek Entry: 1836jr

Board Game Geek Entry: 1846


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